Below are some frequently asked questions about our program.  Review our Grant FAQs and our Fundraiser FAQs


1.My shooting team has a Team Endowment , now what?  Grow your Endowment!

  • Register for a Fundraiser:  We offer FREE products to our teams to use as fundraising items.  These items vary and change often, visit our fundraising page to learn more. 


  • Ask for Donations:  Anyone can donate to your team through our website.  They can donate with a credit card or send a check, using our check donation form. 


  • Contact a State Partner:  Many state organizations are working to grow and support youth shooting sports and might have funds available.  Visit our State Resources page


  • Conduct your Own Fundraisers:  Money raised with your own team fundraisers are a great way to grow your endowment.  Visit our ‘More Ways to Grow Your Account.’ 


2. My school has a shooting program that is not listed, how do I get it listed on your site?  A team representative will need to complete a New Endowment Account form on our ‘Start Your Account’ page.  If this has been done and your team is still not listed, please email us info@midwayusafoundation.org

3.How do I get a shooting program started at my school? The MidwayUSA Foundation provides sustainable endowment funding for existing youth shooting programs. While we do not actually establish competitive shooting programs in schools, several of our partners do provide start-up assistance to schools and clubs. Visit our Resources page

4.How does my team receive money from its endowment?  Each year, your team is eligible to receive 5% of its endowment balance.  To receive this money, you must complete and submit our Grant Application by June 15 or December 15.   If you haven’t previously applied, choose the cycle you prefer.  If you’re unsure about when your team is eligible, email grants@midwayusafoundation.org. Visit our Grants page

5.What happens to the money in the Team Endowment if the team dissolves?  If there is no chance of the shooting team reforming, the primary team contact or coach can place the funds in an existing Team Endowment.  The receiving team MUST agree to accept the funds.  

6.Do you support archery teams?  No, the MidwayUSA Foundation does NOT support archery teams or programs.  Our mission is solely focused on shooting sports, including shotgun, rifle, air rifle, pistol, air pistol, high power rifle and blackpowder. 

7.Do I have to be affiliated with a school to open an account?  No, we do fund youth shooting teams that are not affiliated with a school.  These may include, but are not limited to, 4-H, Boy Scouts, FFA, church, sportsmen/gun clubs, other organized teams.  Visit our ‘Start Your Account’ page to see more details and requirements for such youth shooting teams.  Do we have to be a competitive team?  No, please review our definition of a team and review our ‘Start Your Account’ page.  

8.How do I update the information on my team page, including contact information?  Please find the Team Endowment Modification Packet on our Team Account Forms page and complete/submit the appropriate form(s) for your change.  The changes may include contact info, coach’s name, identity change (EIN/W9) or a funds transfer. 9.I attended a shooting competition where endowment funds were available, where is that money?  Many partners do hold competitions that offer endowment money but the MidwayUSA Foundation has no control over when that money is received.  Participating teams must check with the host organization for details about these funds. 

10.When are matching dollars deposited into my endowment?  Matching funds will be deposited into your Team Endowment the month FOLLOWING your donation, approximately mid-month.  When making your donation, you will not see the match immediately.  Our blog is updated when matching dollars have been deposited.

11.I have questions about the details of my endowment balance. Can I request an endowment statement?  Yes, our financial department is happy to provide all of our shooting teams with an endowment statement, upon request.  Email finance@midwayusafoundation.org. Please keep in mind, due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot release certain donor information.  

12.My team’s endowment balance decreased.  What happened?  There are two reasons your endowment fund balance may decrease. 

  • 1.  Your team received a grant.  The grant funds you receive are pulled from your Team Endowment fund balance. 
  • 2.  Remember, endowment balances are tied to investment market performance and may decrease if the investment market has a bad period or loses value.

Donor Related FAQs

1.Do I have to donate to a specific shooting team?  No, you can donate to the MidwayUSA Foundation General Fund without naming a team. The Foundation's Board of Directors will direct the money in a way that complies with our mission. 

2. Can I donate something other than money?  We accept donations of cash through credit cards, debit cards, checks, and "in kind" donations of stocks or bonds that are publicly traded or readily convertible to cash. We also accept gifts from Amazon Smile, as well as credit card points from certain credit card companies.  Visit our ‘Ways to Give’ page. 

3.  I have donated before but want to use a different donor display name.  Each donor has one record in our database and cannot have multiple display names. The donor display   name will default to the most recent donation’s designated display name. For example, if you choose to have your name displayed on the team page and later choose to give ‘in memory of’ on your next donation, your name will be removed and replaced with the ‘in memory of’ display name. The donor display name will default to the donor’s name if a display name is not indicated.   

4. What are the various donor recognition levels?  Donor level recognition is based on cumulative donations made to a team. The various donor levels are listed below:

>$10,000 >$5,000<$10,000 >$2,500<$5,000 >$1250<$2,500 <$1,250

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