additional ways to grow your endowment

Your local community can help your shooting team!  


our endowment has grown from $10,000 to over $40,000 in less than 3 years, while providing $1,862 in grant funding."

Community Fundraiser: Encourage your team to conduct at least one fundraiser per year with 100% of the proceeds coming back to your MidwayUSA Foundation's Team Endowment. Those proceeds donated will be matched at the level of our current matching program.

Recurring Gift Program:  Ask your supporters to give on a monthly or quarterly basis.  They can easily set it up online and we'll match their donation each month.  Visit our Recurring Gift page.  

Contact Local Foundations: Have your shooting team write a grant request to local Foundation(s).  In most cases, we will match the grants from the other Foundations. If you would like to check ahead of time to see if we will match a grant from a specific foundation, please contact us

We hosted a potluck fundraiser and in just one day we generated $1,745. Awesome."

Community Based Conservation Groups - Adop a Team: Most conservation groups have annual fundraising banquets.  Ask your local conservation chapter to allow you to place an item in its auction to benefit your shooting team.  Send the proceeds of the auction to your Team Endowment, using our check donation form, and we’ll match the donation based on our current matching program.

Penny A Target:  Ask your local shotgun shooting facility(s) to raise its rates by $.01 per target and send MidwayUSA Foundation a donation, for the benefit of your team, equal to $.01 times the number of targets thrown.  For example, if a clay target range throws 100,000 targets a year, that would be $1,000 for your team, plus our current match. 

Dollar of Dues: Ask your local gun club to increase dues by $1 per year and donate the proceeds to the MidwayUSA Foundation for your team's shooting program. Like other donations, 100% will go to your shooting team and it will be matched on our current matching program.  

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