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Starting your team endowment is easy and free.  Your team does not have to be affiliated with a high school or college to open an endowment. You simply need to be reputably organized and made up of primarily high school or college age youth. Please review our definition of a team. Club teams, such as 4-H, Boy Scouts, FFA, etc., or those affiliated with your local gun club, are eligible.  Once your endowment is active, you can start growing it immediately. 

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Is your shooting team affiliated with a school or group, such as FFA, Boy Scouts, church, 4-H, gun or sportsmen's clubs, or other organized groups?  If YES, please complete this New Endowment Form. 

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Is your shooting team independent?  Does your shooting team have no affiliation with any school or group similar to the ones listed above?  Independent teams must provide their non-profit certification from their respective state and a W-9 affiliated with their entity. Please review our Guidelines to Creating a Youth Shooting Team Organization to learn more about obtaining your non-profit certification. This document also provides a link to each state’s non-profit requirements. 
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It's hard to believe that in just two short years we are only $1,388.20 away from hitting the $100,000 mark!! Wow that is just incredible."  

GISA Invitational Sporting Clays Event

Teams with an Endowment may apply for a grant of up to 5% of their endowment balance once per year. We offer two grant cycles each year, but teams may only apply once per year (there must be at least 12 months between grant applications).  Visit our grants page to learn more. 

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