We help fund youth shooting teams across the nation. This includes shotgun, rifle, air rifle, pistol, air pistol, high power rifle, and black powder.  


The Team Endowment Account Program is intended to provide financial support to youth shooting programs across America.  Like other sports, shooting teams provide wonderful opportunities for students to make friends, develop confidence, and learn discipline and leadership skills. However, most schools provide little or no funding for shooting teams, so it is up to us to help.  We offer the endowment program to shooting teams of all disciplines.  

The Program gives alumni and other interested parties of universities, colleges and high schools the ability to financially support a school's competitive shooting program or financially assist in the start-up of a new shooting program. Donations provide immediate grant potential along with sustained funding from the investment earnings of the fund.

Thank you very much for creating the MidwayUSA Foundation and your support of youth shooting.  The money from our endowment has enabled our club to purchase important equipment and help pay for travel expenses to National Matches. It has made it possible for us to fulfill our goals in shooting sports."

You may donate by credit card on our donate page or by sending a check to our office. Donations of investment securities may be arranged by contacting the Foundation via email; You may suggest a team to benefit from your donation or you may donate to the MidwayUSA Foundation General Fund.

Although all donations will be invested at the suggestions of the Board of Directors we strive to honor the request of each donor. The Potterfield Family makes a donation each year to fund 100% of all operating expenses so that 100% of every dollar you donate goes to support youth shooting. The annual earnings from the invested principal will provide future funding for shooting programs. By donating to the MidwayUSA Foundation you will truly be providing for the future of these programs. 

All donations received by the Foundation are non refundable and become permanent property of the Foundation. Shooting teams are eligible for an annual grant based on their account balance and must apply via our grant application process (explained further on our Grants page).  Activation by the respective shooting team is required prior to any funding assistance.

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